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Teachers and Staff
Accreditation and Accountability

Teachers and Staff

Q: Who are your teachers?A: Please visit our Teachers and School Leadership page for biographies of our teachers.
Q: How do you find teachers?A: Each spring we list our open positions on the Employment page of this web site and we publicize our open teaching positions among current families, our school mailing list, and local churches. Each prospective teacher undergoes a thorough application, interview, and evaluation process. TCS provides one of the few employment options for a part-time teaching position in a Christian school.
Q: Are your teachers trained in classical education?A: Yes. All TCS teachers receive instruction in classical teaching methods, both during the summer and during the school year. The majority of our teachers come to TCS with some experience in Classical instruction, content, and methods. The school provides additional training each year to all our teachers during the summer and TCS also conducts on-campus in-service days when teachers receive training during the school year. Additionally, teachers may attend a Classical education conference during the school year.
Q: Are your teachers Christian?A: Yes. Teachers must agree with the TCS Statement of Faith.
Q: How many teachers do you have?A: One for each class. Some upper grades are taught by a teaching team. We will add additional teachers as we add grades and classes. Several Teaching Assistants also work in the classrooms of the younger grades. You can view the complete list of faculty and staff on the Teachers and Leadership page.
Q: What are your teachers' qualifications and backgrounds?A: All of our TCS teachers are degreed professionals with a deep commitment to Christian education. Please review our Teachers and Leadership page for details about our teachers' qualifications.
Q: What other staff do you have?A: In addition to our teachers for the core academic subjects, TCS has the following positions: Teaching Assistants, Campus Coordinators, Administrative Coordinators, PreGrammar Academic Director, Grammar School Academic Direct, Logic School Academic Director, Eloquium (Fine Arts) Coordinator, P.E. Coach, Cross Country Coaches, and Head of School.

Accreditation and Accountability

Q: What are your plans for gaining accreditation?A: TCS is accredited by the Classical Latin School Association. We are pursuing additional accreditation since we recently became eligible to be considered by the appropriate accreditation-granting body. Our rigorous academic and professional standards are consistent with the expectations of accrediting organizations.
Q: How is the school held accountable to external standards?A: As we strive to provide the best possible education for our students, we evaluate all aspects of the school on an ongoing basis. Current accountability measures include the following:
  • we are accredited by the Classical Latin School Association
  • we are aware of accreditation standards and we have implemented or are in the processing of implementing those standards
  • we are a Partner Member School of the Classical Latin School Association and we have met and maintain the membership requirements for that organization
  • we are a member of the Association of Christian and Classical Schools and we benefit from attending related conferences and events
  • we are a member of the Texas Consortium of Classical Schools, and we confer with other classical schools with regards to curriculum, standards, and performance measures
  • we collaborate and fellowship with other classical and collaborative-style schools around the country
  • we administer standardized tests to our students each spring

In future years, this external accountability may also include the following:
  • competing in scholastic competitions with other schools
  • preparing students for college and having students receive offers of admission from selective universities
Q: What are the school's accreditations and affiliations?A:
  • Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS), Accredited School
  • Classical Latin School Association (CLSA), Accredited school
  • Educational Records Bureau (ERB), Member school
  • Independent School Management (ISM), Consortium member
  • Society for Classical Learning (SCL), Member and conference presenter